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The Team

Who We Are

Elijah Buzzard

Founder & CEO

Elijah, a seasoned young entrepreneur in the construction industry, is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise. Committed to his work, he aims to create stunning homes and generate numerous new job opportunities in our community.

Isaiah Buzzard

HR/Operations Manager

Isaiah, the younger brother of Elijah, has consistently demonstrated his loyalty throughout their partnership. With extensive experience in human relations and crew management, Isaiah has honed his expertise in these areas. His innate leadership qualities help maintain the efficiency and satisfaction of all employees.

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Zackary Rush

Marketing Director

Zack, our Marketing Director, brings innovative strategies and a wealth of creativity to his role. With a proven track record in crafting impactful marketing campaigns, he excels at engaging diverse audiences and enhancing brand visibility. His forward-thinking approach ensures that our marketing efforts resonate effectively across various platforms.

Greg King

Fleet and Equipment Manager

Greg, our Fleet and Equipment Manager, ensures our operations run smoothly with his expertise in logistics and asset management. His keen eye for detail and proactive maintenance strategies keep our machinery in top condition, supporting our productivity goals. Greg's leadership is instrumental in optimizing our fleet's performance and reliability.

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